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Turbine type filling machine for dry mortars, cement

Packaging machines are designed for packaging of bulk construction materials (plaster, cement, sand mixes and other materials with similar characteristics) in valve bags.


Structure and working principle:

Equipment provided electronic weighing with automatic calibration.
To install the empty packages to the filling of the pipe and its attachment clamping device requires human intervention.
Filling occurs in stages: first a powerful stream, then thinner for correct dosage.
Packing in valve bags over after filling them in strict accordance with the specified parameters.
Dosing mechanism overlaps pipe valve, clamp device automatically resets to the receiving transport packaging tape.

Filling machine provides highly accurate formation of the mass dose valve bags. The weight of the dose, dosing regimens, and other variables are set by the operator from the keyboard of the control. Easy to use and intuitive management interface, ease of installation and configuration. Filling machine calculates the total amount of product that passes through it and may make that information on RS 485 to a computer or programmable logic controller.

Warranty period – 12 months.

The guarantee.


weight of the doses – 10 to 50 kg;
precision dosing – 0.5-1.5%;
dosing – weighing;
performance – 4-5 pack. / min.


  • weighing;
  • dosage;
  • filling;
  • support of given performance;
  • dozator accounting program for a computer;
  • automatic and manual modes;
  • indication of weight dose;
  • accounting counter products.

Additional options:

  • high precision dosing;
  • air bag holder for discharge;
  • Work through the touch-panel controller using Siemens;
  • Stand with pneumatic carriage for removing the bag and controlled dumping it down;
  • legalization of metrology equipment;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • installation supervision equipment.