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Railway foundationless scales “Express”

Railway electronic tensometric scales TBB…“Express”, designed and manufactured by “Technowagy” Ltd., are used for static weighing railway carriages with total weight up to 150 or 200 tons.


Scales are installed on no electrified no transit station tracks and access tracks 1520 mm or 1435 mm wide, that are not equipped with automatic signalization, centralization and blocking devices.Two-platform design provides ability to determine the longitudinal and transverse displacement of the gravity center of the carriage

– Scales are foundationless – installed on standard concrete sleepers.

– In case of need scales can be easily relocated in other place without any capital costs.

– Installation of scales is carried out in 1-2 working days.

– The time for stopping traffic on the track – up to 5 working days.

Benefits of scales :

– the design of load cells and their mounting provides performance stability and high measurement accuracy;

– adjustment of weights is performed using enhanced index system of terminal – the "kilogram"

mode (d = 1 kg);

– calibrationof scales can be carried out independently by the customer when calibration samples available in the presence of state verification officer;

– feature ability to determine the longitudinal and transverse displacement of the gravity center of the carriage;

– scales provide the possibility of computer accounting of weighing results and output to the computer display and / or printer;

Basic components of scales:

Load cells RC3 by "Flintec" (Germany), stainless steel.

Terminal – TWP-25 by Technowagy Ltd in stainless steel casing.

The price includes:

– technical documentation for foundation construction (foundation can be built by our team for an

additional fee);

– delivery of platforms and equipment to the installation site;

– installation of platforms and electronics;

– scales configuring and adjustment;

– organization of metrological verification of scales;

– customer training use of scales;

– standard computer accounting weighting program.

– standard computer accounting weighting program.

Regulations certificates and licenses:

1. “Technowagy” Ltd. passed through the procedure for conformity assessment of scales for modul D (type compliance by ensuring the quality of the production process), which means high confidence of the state metrological service in the competence of our company’s employees, modern metrological equipment of production units and excellent product quality. We received the right to produce, test and control products, apply appropriate labeling and issue a declaration of compliance on the basis of internal quality system procedures, eliminating the need for additional control of our weighing equipment by representatives of state metrological centers.

2.Type examination certificate for railway scales TBB

3. License for Construction Works № 601026 AB.

4. Specifications TU U 29.2-32126739.004-2004 “Railway tensometric scales TBB”, which are coordinated with all necessary services of “Ukrzalіznytsіa”.

5. Certificate of Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015.

Railway electronic tensometric scales TVB … comply with DSTU 45501: 2017; ISO OIML R 106- 1 2008.

Warranty period for scales ( all the equipment and works) – 2 years.


– The process of weighing may be accompanied by video and photographic images of the video and

photo information entered in the database of suspended loads. IN weights lets you control and

manage goods traffic through weight using barriers, traffic lights, remote displays and other light

signal equipment.

– Additionally, the software scales can be built-in support system for remote identification of cars.



Scales models

Model Max, t Readability, kg Platform dimensions, m Distance between platforms, m
 ТВВ-100  100  20  5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
 ТВВ-150  150  50  5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
 ТВВ-200  200  50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-80/150  80/150  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-100/150 100/150  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-80/200 80/200  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-100/200 100/200  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5


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