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Livestock scales TB4… waterproof version “Technowagy”

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Scales for weighing animals TB4… with fence. Scales for 300 kg, 600 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg.


Livestock scales TB4… waterproof version manufactured by “Technowagy” are designed for weighing pigs and large cattle in groups or separately. The scales can be used in agricultural and meat processing plants in polluted, wet rooms.

Recommendations on the choice of livestock scales:

Scales for pigs:

Scales with a platform of 1000×1200 mm, 300 or 600 kg, with a simple fence, are suitable for adult pigs.

For example: scales for animals TB4-600-0,2- (1000х1200) -12h with fencing.

Note: although the design of these scales takes into account the features of operation, when choosing scales for pigs, we recommend you to pay attention to the livestock scales of stainless steel version.

Scales for piglets

In order to find out the average weight of piglets, scales with a platform size from 2000×1500 mm to 2000×3000 mm and max capacity of 1000-1500 kg are recommended. The fence of such scales is sheathed with a sheet of steel, which allows weighing even very small animals.

See example: Scales for animals TB4-1500-0,2-3000х2000-12h with a fence.

Scales for cattle and horses:

The size of scales for cattle and horses is usually not less than 2000×1500 mm. Their max capacity is 1500-2000kg. It is because the crossbars, strengthening the fence, are much higher than that of pigs. Horses and cattle could easily pass without touching their heads.

Scales characteristics:

  • The construction of the scales is made entirely of steel coated with powder enamel.
  • The TWP-12h weighing indicator is in impermeable stainless steel housing, with IP65 protection, with an LED indicator, located on the cable.
  •  4 stainless load cells of the company “Flintec”, degree of protection IP67.
  • Functions: weighing, tare weight compensation, summing up, working with the printer, RS-232.
  • The scales are equipped with anti-vibration filters that provide weighing of animals while their moving on the platform.
  • The corrugated surface prevents the hoof slipping.
  • The fence that can be taken away. This allows you to use this model of scales as  low-profile platform scales.
  • Designed for outdoor work.

Guarantee period is 24 months.

“Technowagy” Ltd. passed through the procedure for conformity assessment of scales for modul D (type compliance by ensuring the quality of the production process), which means high confidence of the state metrological service in the competence of our company’s employees, modern metrological equipment of production units and excellent product quality. We received the right to produce, test and control products, apply appropriate labeling and issue a declaration of compliance on the basis of internal quality system procedures. It eliminates the need for additional control of our weighing equipment by representatives of state metrological centers.

Scales models

Model max, kg Readability, kg min,kg Pan dimentions
ТВ4-300-0,1-X(1000х1200)-12h 300 0,1 2 1000х1200
ТВ4-600-0,2-X(1000х1200)-12h 600 0,2 4 1000х1200
ТВ4-1000-0,5-X(2000х1500)-12h 1000 0,5 4 2000х1500
ТВ4-1500-0,5-X(2000х1500)-12h 1500 0,5 10 2000х1500
ТВ4-2000-0,5-X(2000х1500)-12h 2000 0,5 10 2000х1500
  • Weighing
  • Tare weight compensation
  • Totalizing
  • RS 232
  • Animal weighing
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual
  • Weighing indicator TWP-12h
  • Fence