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Scales TBE1… stainless steel by “Technowagy”

Scales TBE1… produced by “Technowagy” in a stainless case and autonomous power supply for operation in laboratories and shops of food and chemical industry.

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Scales TBE 1…  are a modification of the TBE series, the main distinguishing feature of which is a body made of mirror food stainless steel. They are used to work with chemical raw materials, to control the fullness of containers in production conditions, etc. This solution was a response to the requests of professionals from the laboratories of the food, agricultural and chemical industries.
The protected housing significantly extends the operating life of the device when weighing various reagents and other caustic and corrosive substances. TBE1…  are produced with internal and external calibration.

Autonomous powers suply adds mobility to scales, which allows them to be used, for example, in different sections of the production hall.

Our company has permission to manufacture explosion-proof equipment: “Certificate of explosion protection of electrical equipment No. 2636”.

Warranty period is 2 years.

“Technowagy” Ltd. passed through the procedure for conformity assessment of scales for modul D (type compliance by ensuring the quality of the production process), which means high confidence of the state metrological service in the competence of our company’s employees, modern metrological equipment of production units and excellent product quality. We received the right to produce, test and control products, apply appropriate labeling and issue a declaration of compliance on the basis of internal quality system procedures, eliminating the need for additional control of our weighing equipment by representatives of state metrological centers.

Scales models

Models Max, g Readability, g Min, g Pan dimentions, mm
ТВЕ1-0,6-0,2-N-a 600 0,2 4 190×200
ТВЕ1-1,5-0,5-N-a 1500 0,5 10 190×200
ТВЕ1-3-1-N-a 3000 1 20 190×200
ТВЕ1-6-2-N-a 6000 2 40 190×200
ТВЕ1-15-5-N-a 15000 5 100 190×200


Accurate class per DSTU EN 45501 ІІ
Material Stainless steel
Type of display LCD backlit
Operating temperature + 10 – + 35 °С
Interfaces RS-232
Power supply AC 220V and built-in vbattery
Warranty 2 years
  • Weighing
  • Carat measurement
  • Parts Counting
  • Plus/Minus Control of relatively set mass
  • Internal calibration
  • Built-in battery
  • RS 232
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual
  • Platform
  • Power Supply