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Comparator mass “Техноваги”

Электронный компаратор ТВЕ-500К “Техноваги” для поверки гирь массой 500 кг.

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The first Ukrainian electronic comparator is developed and manufactured by \”Technowagy Ltd\” designer department . It is equipped with mechanisms of loading standard and control weight. This comparator will be usefull for the measurings laboratories of State standart organisation and enterprises, which use weights – workings standards with 500 kg mass of cylinder construction.

Mass comparator consists of machanism of raising and dropping weight, weighing device or electronic terminal. Mechanism of raising and droping of weight provides frequent smooth raising and droping of weight onto weighing device, and at the same time protecting the last from casual shots in the moment of weight establishment – etalon or working etalon.

Weighing device is manufactured of high discriminability load cell and works with electronic terminal which indicates measuring results. The terminal programm provides possibility to choice measuring chart: direct or comparing, fixing number of weighings from one up to ten, and also measures and calculates average value of error, standard deviation and other static information, necessary for measurings protocoling, including enviromental temperature, time, date etc.
Measurement protocols can be printered on termoprinters, or transfered to computer.
Comparator is manufactured in movable implementation and with mass 140 kg, that allows to easily transport him to Customer and use not only in laboratory conditions.

  1. maximal capacity – up to 500 kg;
  2. weight nominal mass – up to 500 kg;
  3. class of weight exactness – M1;
  4. readability – 5 g;
  5. weight overall sizes – 430 mm ;
  6. length is 820 mm.
    Exploitation conditions:
    – working temperature: from + 10 C up to + 40 C;
    – relative humidity – from 30 up to 80 % for temperatures + 25 C;
    – atmosphere pressure – from 84 up to 106,7 kPa;
    – feed from the network of monophase , 220 V, by frequency (50 +1)Hertzs.
    Maximal consumption power – not more 0,4 kW
    Overall sizes of comparator( without weight), no more:
    length – 1490 mm; width – 1110 mm; height – 1880 mm.
Model ТВЕ-500К
max, g 500
d, g 5
Pan size 430х820
Weights 500 kg (М1:М3)
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