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The TBB … D railway scales designed by “Technowagy” are for the axial weighting of  railway carriadge in motion at speeds up to 10 km / h. They consist of one weighing platform, are theirs max capacity are 50 and 100 tons. Scales are used for internal technological control of the railway carriadge in cases of intensive cargo traffic and insufficient space for installation of full-fledged stationary or combined railway scales. Scales consist of weighing platform – welded metal construction (new platform material) installed on load cells, and a terminal, which is usually placed near the operator’s workplace. The mass value is displayed on the terminal display with the ability to transfer data to a PC with an installed accounting program and print of the weighing result.

According to the requirements of “Ukrzaliznytsia” and our recommendations for dynamic weighing it is necessary: ​​- to displace the scales on a straight, horizontal segment of railway tracks – 75 m before and after the scales; – make the foundation before and after the scales for the length of the railroad carriedge that will be weighed (approximately 10 m).

The scales are fitted with:

RC3 load cells of Flintec (Germany) are made of stainless steel.

Terminal – ТWP-25 designed by “Technowagy” in a stainless steel housing.

Scales models

Model Мax, т Readability, kg Margin of error,  % Min,


Railroad carriage weighing method
 ТВВ-50D  50  20  ±1,0  1 axial
 ТВВ-100D  100  50   ±1,0  1 carriage


  • Weighing
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual
  • Weighing terminal TWP-25

The price includes:

– Technical documentation for the foundation (the foundation can be built by us for additional payment)

– Delivery of platforms and equipment to the installation site

– Installation of platforms and electronics

– Scales adjustment

– Training of customer personnel how to use the scales

– A standard computer program of weighing accounting.

The weighing process can be accompanied by video and photofixation downloading video and photo information into the database of  weighted loads. The scales software allows you to control and manage the traffic through the scales using barriers, traffic lights, remote displays and other light signaling equipment. In addition, support for the remote railroad carriedges identification system can be integrated into the weighing software.