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Baby medical scales “Technowagy”

6 474 грн.

Baby electronic medical scales manufactured by “Technowagy”.

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Baby medical scales are designed for determining the mass of babies iand transferring the weighing results to external devices.

One high-quality load cell is installed in the scales.

The TWP-13pa indicator is in a plastic housing, the degree of protection is IP-40, with LED indicator.

The platform cover is made of high-quality plastic.

The power of the scales is supplied from the electrical network 220V and from the built-in battery.

Functions are standard:

  • weighing,
  • taring in the entire range,
  • RS 232.

Warranty period is 24 months.

“Technowagy” Ltd. passed through the procedure for conformity assessment of scales for modul D (type compliance by ensuring the quality of the production process), which means high confidence of the state metrological service in the competence of our company’s employees, modern metrological equipment of production units and excellent product quality. We received the right to produce, test and control products, apply appropriate labeling and issue a declaration of compliance on the basis of internal quality system procedures. This eliminates the need for additional control of our weighing equipment by representatives of state metrological centers.

Scales models

Model max, kg Readability, g Pan dimensions, mm
ТВЕ1-15-5-(300х550)-13ра-М 15 5 300х550
ТВЕ1-20-10-(300х550)-13ра-М 20 10 300х550
  • Weighing
  • Tare weight compensation
  • Totalizing
  • RS 232
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual