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Automatic vacuum mass comparator AVK-1000

RADWAG-manufactured AVK-1000 automatic vacuum mass comparator is intended for national metrological institutes.


Automatic vacuum mass comparator AVK-1000 is intended for weighing mass standards and silicone spheres of 100 mm diameter. It enables comparison of up to 6 prototypes of max 1kg mass. The repeatability of the process is of 0.3 µg and readability of d = 0.1 µg.

A specially designed vacuum chamber enables carrying out measurements in a vacuum of 10-6 mBar capacity or in atmosphere containing noble gases.

AVK-1000 is equipped with suspended weighing pan that eliminates eccentricity errors.

Standard version of the mass comparator features thermo-hygro-barometer for testing ambient conditions with great accuracy: pressure of 0.001hPa, humidity of 0.01% and temperature of 0.001°C.
The comparator is also equipped with high quality vacuum gauge.

Model Maximum capacity, g Readability, μg Repeatability, μg Pan dimentions 
AVK-1000             1002              0,1        0,3              100

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Stabilization time        6 seconds
Operaing temperature from + 15 до + 30 °С
Power supply 110÷230 V, АС 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Atmospheric humidity 45% ÷ 60%
Adjustment external
Pressure range  10 (-6) mBar
Vacuum chamber dimensions 965х745х1150 мм
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