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Two-flow weighing dosing machine


The dosing machine is designed for high-precision weight dosing of dry, powdered materials. The mass of the dose, the dosage mode and other variable parameters are set by the operator from the keyboard of the weight processor of the control panel. The control panel is a cabinet with IP 54 protection.

The weight metering unit consists of a loading bunker, vibration trays, a weight bunker and a funnel. The product is fed into the loading bunker, which is equipped with flaps and is transported via vibrating trays to the weigh bunker. The dose and feed rate of the product is adjusted on the touch panel. The weight bunker is attached to the load cells, when the mass reaches a given dose, the vibrating tray stops the flow of material. Under the weight bunker there is a funnel, which forms and directs the flow of the dosed product into the bag. Using the switch, the operator opens the bottom of the weight bunker and pours the product into the bag.

– Dose weight, g                                                                                                        50 – 5000

– Productivity, doses / min.                                                                                        0.5 – 5

– Dosage resolution, g                                                                                                     1

– Power supply                                                                                                220V, 50Hz, 0.8kVa

  • Accurate counting of products;
  • Maintaining a given productivity;
  • Automatic and manual modes;
  • Mass dose indication
  • Dose zeroing
  • Feed speed adjustment
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual

– Non-standard solution for specific types of product;

– Metrological legalization of equipment;

– Installation and commissioning of equipment;

– “Dozator” – accounting program for the computer.