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Railway scales “Monoblock”

Scales models

Model max, t Readability, kg Patform dimensions, m Distance between platforms, m
 ТВВ-100  100  20  5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
 ТВВ-150  150  50  5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
 ТВВ-200  200  50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-80/150  80/150  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-100/150 100/150  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-80/200 80/200  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)   from 2,60 to 5
ТВВ-100/200 100/200  20/50   5х2,3 (2 pcs.)  from 2,60 to 5


The metrological characteristics of the scales:

The accuracy class of the scales is medium according to DSTU EN 45501: 2017.

The range of sample tare mass – from 0 to Max. The threshold of sensitivity of the scales – no more than 1,4 d. The limits of the Limits of permissible error of scales at static weighing during the initial verification (at operation) should be the values: – from the Min to 500 e – ± 0, 5e (± 1e) – more than 500 e to 2000 e – ± 1e (± 2e) – more than 2000 e to Max – ± 1,5e (± 3e). The scales provide the possibility of continuous operation at round-the-clock operation.








  • Weighing
  • Tare weight compensation
  • RS 232

The function of the railroad carriadge mass centre determination displacement.  Also there is an overload signaling when  reaches max capacity + 9d. The TWP-25  manufactured by “Techwagy” in the stainless housing has the following features:

Automatic zeroing of the initial weight when the device is switched on (within 10% of weighing scale the permitted range)

Automatic zero correction while operation process (within the set range) to compensate for external influences (atmospheric precipitation, dust).

Mechanical tare (button) of current value weight within the limits of the maximum capacity.

Manual zeroing (by the button) of the current weight value within the maximum capacity.

Examining the total mass value.

Examining the mass values independently on each platform.

Examining the values ​​of the mass difference between the platforms.

Examining the values ​​of the transverse displacement of the mass in mm.

Reporting in case scales overload  (Max + 9Е).

Weighing through the RS-232 or 485 interface to the archiving computer (in the accounting system).

Possibility of installing filters to improve scales readings in accordance with the operating conditions.

Possibility of storing data on weighing in its own archiving device (option).

The ability to operate the device in dosing mode.

Protection class is  IP 65.

  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual

The price includes:

– technical documentation for the manufacture of the foundation (we can build the foundation for an additional fee);

– delivery of platforms and equipment to the place of installation;

– installation of platforms and electronics;

– adjustment of scales;

– training the customer’s staff in using scales;

– standard computer program for weighing accounting.

In addition, our company can provide the following services:

Construction work of concrete foundations under the scales by our specialists, with building materials and special equipment.

Production of scales with simultaneous installation on wide and narrow (European) railway tracks.

The weighing process can be accompanied by video and photographic recording with recording of video and photo information in the database of weighted loads.

The scales software allows you to control and manage the traffic through the scales using barriers, traffic lights, remote displays and other light signaling equipment.

Additionally, support for the remote identification system of railway carriages can be integrated into the scales software.