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Seeds packing automatic machine by “Technowagy” – to pack vegetable and flower seeds into ready paper or hermetic bags

Automatic machine designed and produced by Technowagy Ltd is able to pack vegetable and flower seeds (and other loose or small products of agriculture, food and other industries) in paper or hermetic bags with dimensions 76х115 и 130х165 mm.


Device components and operation principle

The operating principle of the machine is as follows: empty bags from the cassette are fed to the loading position and filled with ready dose of the product  and one after the other go the following way: applying glue to the valve of the bag – bending and sealing the valve – secondary sealing and applying the necessary information to the valve (expire date, for example ) – counting and feeding to the output tray. The machine is produced with volumetric, weighing or counting dozers or combined weight and piece dozers.

The machine can work with packages without valves according to the principle of heat-sealing an inner layer with polyethylene applied. To do this, simply turn off the glue supply, remove the glue head and load empty bags into the cassette.

The machine is equipped with a high-quality control system, which consists of the best components from Europe and is based on PLC Siemens. The machine is controlled using a touch-screen installed on the front of the control panel. From this display, you can monitor and configure the operation of the machine.

Warranty period — 12 months.

Post-warranty service.

Main technical parameters of the machine:

Capacity in version with volume dozer, packets/min 35
Capacity in version with volume dozer with stepless regulation, packets/min 20-40
Capacity in version with weighing or counting dozer, packets/min 22-38
Capacity in version with 3-way weighing dozer, packets/min 20-25
Capacity in version with 4-way weighing dozer, packets/min 25-35
Packages width, mm 76-115
Packages height, mm 130-165
Volumetric dozing от 0,1 до 10 г (20*г)
Weighing dozing – dose programmed from terminal, readability 0,01
Counting dozing – dose programmed from terminal, readability 1шт
Voltage, V 220/380
Engine power, kW 0,75
Average power consumption, kW/h 1,5
Dimensions in basic version (length, width, height), mm 1460х930х1650
Weight, kg 550-850



  • Weighing
  • Dosing
  • Filling
  • Productivity sustention
  • Connection to PC
  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Dose weight indication
  • Counting
  • Doses counting and memory

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Additional options:

  • volumetric dozer;
  • weighing dozer;
  • combined dozer (weighing and counting);
  • metrological legalization;
  • installation and commissioning services;
  • installation supervision