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Flour (grain) packing automatic machine into craft paper bags by “Technowagy”

Automatic flour packing line designed and produced by Technowagy Ltd is meant to dose and pack flour (grain, cereal etc) into craft paper bags.


Device components and operation principle

On the line, the packages are automatically taken from the storage store, opened and fed to the automatic fall-off position of the product. In the process of further movement, the package closes, the scallop of the upper seam folds and adheres to the body of the package.

Next, the packets are delivered to a group packing line in which packets are formed. The formed block is wrapped in a shrink film and then passes through a thermotunnel.

The machine is equipped with a high-quality control system, which consists of the best components from Europe and is based on PLC Siemens. The machine is controlled using a touch-screen installed on the front of the control panel. From this display, you can monitor and configure the operation of the machine. All the parameters (like dose mass, dosing mode etc) are set at one terminal.

Weighing system by Technowagy Ltd  provide high accuracy dosing in weighing chamber. Easy to use and intuitive interface, uncomplicated in installation and regulation.

Warranty period — 12 months.

Post-warranty service.

Main technical parameters of the machine:

  • Масса дозы, г: 500-3000.
  • Dosage: weight (the dose is programmed from the panel)
  • Productivity , 15-30 pack/min.
  • Automatic packing mode.
  • Machine powered by:
    — Electrical power  – 220/380 V, 50 Hz.
    — Pneumatics – 8 Bar, 200 l/min.


  • Weighing
  • Dosing
  • Filling
  • Productivity sustention
  • Connection to PC
  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Dose weight indication
  • Doses counting and memory


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Additional options:

  • volumetric dozer;
  • weighing dozer;
  • seam cooling system;
  • termotransfer dater (printer);
  • max dose enhancement;
  • loading equipment;
  • optional foil rolls suitable;
  • metrological legalization;
  • installation and commissioning services;
  • installation supervision