Вагонна вага TBB150C 2 платформи
Two-platform railway scales TBВ…

Railway scales TBB-150 are designed for weighing railway carriages in statics.

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Three-platform railway scales TBB

Railway scales TBB-150 with  three-platform are suitable for weighing all types of carriages.

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Вагонные весы четыреплатформенные
Four-platform railway scales TBB

Railway scales TBB with  four-platform are suitable for weighing all types of carriages.

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Весы вагонные на узкую и широкую колии
Railway scales for a narrow and broad gauge

Railway scales, on which cargo can be weighed bouth on a narrow and broad gauge.

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Railway foundationless scales “Express”

Railway electronic tensometric scales TBB…“Express”, designed and manufactured by “Technowagy” Ltd., are used for static weighing railway carriages with total weight up to 150 or 200 tons.

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Динамические вагонные весы ТВВ Техноваги
Dynamic railway scales

The TBB … D railway scales designed by “Technowagy” are for the axial weighting of  railway carriadge in motion at speeds up to 10 km / h. They consist of one weighing platform, are theirs max capacity are 50 and … Read More

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Modernization of railway scales

Our company carries out modernization of mechanical railway scales into electronic ones by replacing the mechanical lever system with load cells, and also priming the supporting foundations. As a result of the modernization, the client receives electronic scales with the … Read More

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