Ваги монорейкові ТВ2
Monorail scales dustproof and waterproof version

Monorail scales are used for static weighing of meat transported in overhead tracks in meat-processing, live farming enterprises with high humidity. Technical characteristics: functions: weighing, tare over the all range, quantity counting, RS 232, summation; 2 stainless load cells by … Read More

32 400 грн.38 400 грн. Read more
Ваги монорейкові ТВ2
Monorail scales stainless steel version

Monorail scales stainless steel version. Мах cappasity 300-1000 kg

36 240 грн.43 710 грн. Read more
Ваги монорейкові WPT/… PUE C31H «Radwag»
Overhead track scales WPT/ … PUE C31H «Radwag»

Overhead track scale WPT/ series is designed for weighing half carcass and porkhalf which are transported on scale’s track.

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