Звенів 2019
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Outdoor seminar in the Carpathians

It is the fifth year, as “Technowagy” Ltd. organizes a outdoors seminar for its employees in the Carpathians. Thanks to this remarkable tradition, our team can not only gain new knowledge, which will later be used in practical activities, but also feels like a team once again. This year, the Zveniv tourist complex in the village of Oriavchyk was chosen as the venue, and its topic  concerned  production efficiency improvment.

After an intense and full of interesting information day, everyone was waiting for a delicious dinner and shashlyk with like-minded friends. The next day was devoted to winter entertainments: skis, sleds, snowballs, walks – the whole team gladly plunged into the snow tale of the Carpathians.

With a great mood, new forces and ideas everybody returned home – ready to work and introduce heard at the seminar in their work.