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Retreats in the Carpathians

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23-25 January, 2015 management of “Technowagy” enterprise organized for its employees Retreats in the marvelous corner of Carpathians — ski resort “Zveniv”.The event was attended by more than 50 plant workers, managers of all levels, engineers, programmers, developers, designers, sales managers. In addition to new knowledge, our collective had a good rest, buddied up and had fun. After workshop everyone could find something he likes: skiing, sledding, snowboarding,admiring of surrounding landscapes, soaring to the top of the mountains, playing tennis and billiards, swimming in the pool, singing Christmas carols and dancing.On Saturday friendly and merrily celebrated the birthday of two workers of “Technowagy”. When returning home, happy, satisfied and a little bit tired in the bus, everybody had one question “When will be the next trip?”