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Weighing discrete dozator for loose products

Weight discrete doses or as they are called, Bunker balance designed by TECHNOWAGY are used to record, dosage and maintain the desired performance for loose products.

Characteristics of the dispenser:

– Weighing Accuracy is 0.1%.

– Productivity: 5, 15, 25, 50, 80, 100, 200 t / h.

– Different types of loose products.


Weigh doser consists of weighing hopper, which is installed on strain gauge. The bunker is equipped with pneumatic valve and position sensor . Above the bunker is located non-weight bunker, which is also equipped with pneumatic valve and position sensor. Both hoppers mounted on a common frame. Management dosing is carried out with control in automatic or manual mode. Weigh calculates the total amount of product that passes through it and can pass this information on RS 485 to a computer or programmable logic controller.

Warranty period – 12 months.

Provides metrological certification.

  • Accurate accounting products.
  • Dosage given number of the product.
  • Support given performance.
  • Dozator accounting program for your computer.
  • Automatic and manual modes.
  • Indication of weight dose.
  • Counters accounting products.
  • Customized solutions for specific types of product or production technology.
  • Metrological legalization equipment.
  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment.
  • Installation supervision equipment.