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Waterproof scales WPT … HR “Radwag”

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Waterproof platform scales WPT/HR series is designed for operation in locations with high humidity or direct contact with water. The scales is easily used in areas with no access to power supply from mains, as it features an internal rechargeable accumulator.

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Single load cell stainless steel platform scales WPT HR series is based on an indicator PUE C/31H series. The indicator features large backlit LCD display and function buttons for easy operation. The indicator is installed on a pillar for easy readout of measurement result. Optionally, the scales is offered with indicator installed on a cable for mounting it on a wall.
The weighing platform structure is made of stainless steel class AISI 316 with a stainless steel load cell providing the highest IP rating of 68. The scales features RS 232 interface, and optionally an additional display socket. The scales is powered from mains or internal rechargeable accumulator. Optionally, the scales can be powered from mains – 110÷120VAC 60Hz (non-standard factory option).
Scales WPT/HR series is available in dual range (non-verified) version on surcharge.

Model weights


Model Max capacity, kg Discretion, g Platform size
WPT-3-1-(250х300) N- PUE C31HR 3 1 250×300 mm
WPT-6-2-(250х300) N- PUE C31HR 6 2 250×300 mm
WPT-15-5-(250х300) N- PUE C31HR 15 5 250×300 mm
WPT-15-5-(410х410) N- PUE C31HR 15 5 410×410 mm
WPT-30-10-(410х410) N- PUE C31HR 30 10 410×410 mm
WPT-60-20-(410х410) N- PUE C31HR 60 20 410×410 mm
WPT-150-50-(410х410) N- PUE C31HR 150 50 410×410 mm
WPT-60-20-(500х500) N- PUE C31HR 60 20 500×500 mm
WPT-150-50-(500х500) N- PUE C31HR 150 50 500×500 mm
WPT-60-20-(600х600) N- PUE C31HR 60 20 600×600 mm
WPT-150-50-(600х600) N- PUE C31HR  150  50  600×600 mm



Display LCD (backlit)
IP rating IP 68 construction, IP 68 cell,IP 68 (1h max)/69 indicator
Power supply 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz / 12 V DC and battery
Operation time on batteries 45 h (average time)
Working temperature -10 ÷ +40 °C
Atmospheric humidity 10÷85% RH no condensation
Interface RS 232
Storage temperature -25 – +70 °C​
  • Weighing
  • Totalizing
  • Parts Counting
  • Plus/Minus Control of relatively set mass
  • Built-in battery
  • Animal weighing
  • Peak hold function
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual
  • Weighing processor PUE C/31H