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Precision balances PS…3Y “Radwag”

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Electronic balance with sensor display PS…3Y are designed to accurately determine the mass of materials, goods, liquid and granular materials in the laboratory with the ability to zero in the weighing process.

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Model weights

ModelMax capacity, gDiscretion, gMin capacity, g
PS 250.3Y2500,0010,02
PS 200/2000.3Y200/20000,001/0,010,02
PS 450.3Y4500,0010,02
PS 600.3Y6000,0010,02
PS 750.3Y7500,0010,02
PS 1000.3Y 10000,0010,02
PS 1500.3Y 15000,010,5
PS 2500.3Y 25000,010,5
PS 3500.3Y 35000,010,5
PS 4500.3Y 45000,010,5
PS 6000.3Y 60000,010,5
PS 8000/Y/1 80000,010,5


Accuracy classes per DSTU EN 45501I
Platform materialStainless steel
Display typeSensory
Working temperature+18 до – + 30 °С
Adjustment / CalibrationInternal (automatically)
Protection levelIP 40
InterfacesRS 232
Power supplyFrom the battery and from the electrical network 230 V 50 Hz/11 V АС
Warranty period2 years


Precision balance PS 3Y series features a 5,7” TFT colourful touch screen display providing new approach to balance operation and presentation of measurement result. The balance enables highly developed customization of its settings through user profiles.

The 3Y series comprises automatic internal adjustment system using an internal mass standard. The balance level is monitored by a LevelSENSING system, a RADWAG patented solution including an electronic level. A new feature of the 3Y series is on-line monitoring of ambient conditions by means of either internal sensors or external ambient conditions module THB 3 series.

A newly implemented differential weighing mode enables controlling mass of a tested load subjected to different processes over time.

Also, there are scales of large capacity PS … R2 (6000 and 10000) have a central fixed weight platform and an additional sealing ring. This solution improves airtightness and simplifies cleaning. To ensure accuracy, the new scales were equipped with a metal protective screen. Additional assets have increased power (even up to 10.1 kg), less dispersion and better repeatability.

Extended databases of the 3Y series balance allow to keep records of all acquired measurements, additionally they make data print and export possible. Standard printouts or user defined, fully editable templates allow for creating documentation required by GLP/GMP practically in any organization.
The 3Y series features an independent mass control mode organized in cooperation with an automatic feeder PA-02/H series.

  • Weighing
  • Carat measurement
  • Tare weight compensation
  • Totalizing
  • Parts Counting
  • Auto-zeroing and testing
  • Plus/Minus Control of relatively set mass
  • Internal calibration
  • Internal Auto Temperature Calibration (at a temperature deviation ± 3 ° С)
  • Internal Auto Calibration according to the set time
  • RS 232
  • USB-port
  • Ethernet-port
  • Animal weighing
  • Dosing mode
  • Under hook weighing
  • The package of digital filters
  • Formulation
  • Statistics
  • IR sensors
  • Mass comparator mode
  • GLP Procedures
  • Weighing within the specified range
  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual