» » » Mixer-scales ТВ1-0,6-0,2-16М “Technowagy” Ltd

Mixer-scales ТВ1-0,6-0,2-16М “Technowagy” Ltd

Mixer-scales are designed for simultaneous weighing and mixing of the contents of plastic containers when filling them with donor blood. They are used in the medical industry.


– a small mass of weights;
– simple of connection and maintenance;
– the corpus is made of polished stainless steel;
– convenient intuitive control;
– gaphic OLED display.

Functions and characteristics:
– cyclic rocking of the container (20 vibrations per minute);
– the possibility of setting a controlled dose of fence (up to 600 g);
– automatic termination of blood sampling after a set dose set by pinching the tube;
– sound and information indication of the completion of the blood collection process;
– control of the speed of blood collection;
– possibility of connecting a barcode scanner (option);
– accuracy class of weights – medium, according to the requirements of OIML EN45501: 2016 “Metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments”;
– the limits of the permissible error of weighing during operation:
•  min up to 500 g – ± 1 g;
•  more than 500 g – ± 2 g;
– tare range – from “0” to the maximum weighing limit (Max).

Power supply:
– from an alternating current network, voltage from 187 V to 242 V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz and built-in battery – as an additional power supply, which allows you to complete the process of blood collection in case of emergency disconnection of the main power source.
If the battery is powered by the battery, when the supply voltage drops to 2.9 V, an alarm is displayed on the indicator indicating an unacceptable voltage level and the indicator turns off.

Models weights

ModelDiscretion, gMax capacity, g
ТВ1-0,6-0,2-16М  0,2 600



Actuality Class by OIMLIII
Power supplyU 187÷240 V AC (50 ± 1) Hz, accumulator
Working temperature+10 ÷ +40 °C
InterfaceRS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet
Platform materialStainless steel
  • Weighing
  • Tare weight compensation
  • Plus/Minus Control of relatively set mass
  • External calibration
  • RS 232
  • USB-port
  • Ethernet-port
  • Scale
  • Manual instruction
  • User manual