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Mass comparator HRP.4Y … KO “Radwag”

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The newest line of Radwag Mass Comparators enables adjusting mass standards and weights according to the OIML recommendations (R-111) for F2 class and lower.

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The comparators are used both for ensuring traceability of mass measurements, and verification of weights in accordance with legal metrology. RADWAG Mass Comparators have gained recognition among Accredited Calibration Laboratories, in many countries.
HRP 4Y.KO series comparators comprise two components, professional weighing platform (a new mechanical design of electromagnetic mechanism housed within a tight steel casing) and PUE 7.1 terminal. The weighing platform made of steel features centring rings enabling precise positioning of the weights. The comparator features intuitive and user friendly menu.

Models comparators

ModelMax, gd, gMin, gPan size, mm
HRP 200.4Y.KO2100,510800х600
HRP 500.4Y.KO510120800х600
HRP 1000.4Y.KO1050240800х1000


Accuracy class (ДСТУ EN 45501)Е1
Displaydiagonal 5.7″.
Working temperature+15-+30°C
Power supply220 V
Guarantee2 years
  • Comparative weighing
  • Comparator
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