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Automatic mass comparator АК-4 “Radwag”

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Automatic mass comparator AK-4/X

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Automatic mass comparator AK-4/X.

Design and functionality:
The supervising part of the mass comparator is a digital module which cooperates with a controller of instrument’s mechanical components. The digital module and the automatic loader are located in mass comparator’s weighing chamber. The instrument is operated by means of digital display which is plugged to mass comparator’s controller. The supervising elements are not integrated with mass comparator’s mechanical parts, thus enabling separation of instrument’s weighing chamber from ambient conditions influence.


– Elimination of error caused by human factor in the process of loading weights (repeatable conditions of load placing on
instrument’s platform).
– Automatized process of mass comparison – weights are loaded fully automatically.
– Fully repeatable measurements of all loaded mass.
– Simultaneous measurement of 3 weights.
– Elimination of ambient conditions (temperature changes and humidity) influence on the process of mass comparison (mass
comparator located in a chamber with constant ambient conditions).


МодельНПВ, кгДискретность, мгПовторяемость, мгДиапазон гирь
АК-4/1000,110,0010,00210 г – 100 г (E1-F2)
АК-4/10001,020,0050,012100 г – 1 кг (E1-F2)
АК-4/10011,020,0010,002100 г – 1 кг (E1-F2)
АК-4/20002,020,010,015500 г – 2 кг (E1)
200 г – 2 кг (Е2 – F2)
АК-4/50005,050,010,021 кг – 5 кг (E1-F2)
АК-4/5000.15,050,10,11 кг – 5 кг (E1-F2)
АК-4/1000010,020,010,021 кг – 5 кг (E1-F2)


Accuracy class (ДСТУ EN 45501)E1 – F2
Displaytouch 5.7”
Power supply220 V
Guarantee2 years
  • Comparative weighing
  • Comparator
  • Free shipping