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Wheel and axle weighing mobile scales



Wheel and axle weighing mobile scales TVA-20D produced by Technowagy Ltd are designed for weighing of vehicles by weighing each axle in dynamics. Can be used for weight control of the axle load of vehicles, commercial accounting of various materials.

The weight of the car is determined by the load on each axle with subsequent summation.

The complex consists of a pit, which is arranged on the road and an undercarriage car scales TVA-20D, which are installed in the pit.

Weighing equipment:

Platforms – 2 pcs. of  with increased strength of aluminum alloy, portable type – a unique design from Technowagy Ltd.

Load cells “Flintec” (USA-Germany).

The TWP-37 indicator is designed and manufactured by Technowagy Ltd mounted in the box for convenient transportation.

Advantages of the TVP-37 indicator.

Touch screen 7″ high resolution.

Unlimited storage of weighing records.

Interfaces: Ethernet, USB 2.0.

High-speed thermal printer for printing necessary information.

The indicator is equipped with a 7″ TFT indicator with a resistive touch screen. The screen is divided into four zones vertically:

1 zone – information. It contains a button for calling the main program menu and information about the type of the scale.

2 zone – the scales indicator. It contains the indicators “Zero zone”, “Stabilization”, “Tarring”, “Net weight indicator”, “Units of measure”, “Platform load indicator”, and the button for switching the weighing platforms.

3 zone – working. It reflects the results of the operation of the scales, and comprise freely programmable shortcut buttons for functions, or parameter editors.

4 zone – the status bar. There is a user change button and a clock.

Attantion!!! Regulations:

TBA 20D scales manufactured by Technowagy Ltd meet the requirements of DSTU OIML R 134-1: 2010 “Automatic devices for weighing vehicles in motion and measuring the axle load. Part 1. General technical requirements and test methods (OIML R 134-1: 2006, IDT) “, which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity of measuring equipment means to the approved type No.UA-M1 / 2-4896-2015 issued by the Technowagy Ltd on September 18, 2015 ., Valid until 31.03.2018.

The scales are delivered with a certificate of verification.

Scales TVA … are included in the State Register of Ukraine under № 1953-15.

We have a license for construction works under No. AB 601026.

Technowagy Ltd has received the Certificate of conformity of the quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

Warranty — 12 months.


  • Weighing
  • Tare weight compensation
  • RS 232

Indicator functions:

– weighing in static and in dynamics (in motion);

– tarring;

– automatic and manual weighing modes in motion;

– determination of the total mass of the vehicle;

– determination of the load on each axle;

– determination of vehicle speed;

– possibility to input license plate numbers of the car;

– archiving of weighing results – date and time of weighing, total vehicle weight, load value for each axle, vehicle speed, vehicle license plates;

– printing of the current weighing result on the thermal printer;

– the ability to view the weighing archives through the WEB interface;

– the ability to export weighing archives to USB Flash drive in XML format;

– presence of a freely programmable shortcut button for functions, or parameter redactor.

Contents of delivery:

  1. Drawing on scales pit foundation construction works.
  2. Platforms – 2 pcs.
  3. Indicator TWP-37 in the box – 1 pc.
  4. A set of cables.
  5. Metrological verification of scales.
  6. Guidance on the use of weights.


– a metal frame for placement in the pit of scales and concrete inserts for closing the hole of the road.